Method of preservation of seafood


Seafood can be packed in vacuum compression bags. And also has a certain preservation effect. But there are differences in different seasons. The hot summer season is a high season for bacterial food poisoning. Experts remind that Dandong seafood is stored at room temperature for more than two hours.
In order to achieve good preservation effect, you must have skilled operation skills. Try to complete the packaging when the seafood is close to 100 degrees, so as to maintain a near-vacuum ecological environment. Various sources of microbial contamination can be effectively isolated. Thereby achieving the preservation effect of seafood. Generally, the winter and spring seasons can be up to 15 or so, and the summer and autumn can only be 4 days to a week, and it is best to refrigerate.
If it is done, then consider vacuum or aerated packaging, because some of the enzymes related to corruption in cooked vegetables have been inactivated, the main consideration is the bacteria in the air and their own oxidation, so sealing is the key, but not Keep bacteria from growing, if you can preserve it at low temperatures. That is to say, after you have fried the vegetables, you can use some plastic wrap and other things to seal them. Allow them to cool naturally. After cooling, they can be placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Do not freeze. As for nutrition, the impact will not be great, but the loss of flavor is more serious. One is that the color will be brown and the smell will be lighter. This is something that cannot be controlled very well.
Therefore, we should eat it as soon as possible, or we must seal it so that we can bring a great experience to our taste buds.