Method of eating vacuum scorpion


Vacuum yellow scorpion is produced in the shallow sea of ​​the Yellow Sea. The outer shell is yellow, and its meat is also yellow, axe-shaped shells, and dark yellow markings. Vacuum yellow scorpion meat contains protein, multivitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other nutrients required by the human body; it also contains trace amounts of cobalt, which has a good effect on maintaining human hematopoietic function and restoring liver function, and has high nutritional value. . Today, Xiaobian will explain to you how to use vacuum scorpion.
Vacuum yellow scorpion is suitable for cooking, white boiled, stir-fried and other methods in cooking. It is also a charcoal barbecue. Place the processed sand-free jaundice on a charcoal fire.
The red charcoal fire, the yellow scorpion shell, the hot steam, make people drool, for a moment, when the yellow scorpion is baked, the shell must be carefully taken out from the charcoal fire, use the chopsticks to pick up the hot meat and put it in the mouth. The full gravy is fresh and enjoyable, and it is more satisfying than eating bird's nest shark fin. The beauty of the yellow scorpion is not the meat, but the juice in the body. The ancients thought that this was the semen of the food.
The taste of the vacuum scorpion is endless, and it is a delicious food on earth. Especially for friends gathering, confessing to others, tasting wine, talking about the world, not the world's food. Some people in Dandong even simply opened the living yellow scorpion and put the fat body into the mouth.