What are the differences between Dandong Huangzizi and Huazi


The most popular people in the market are the yellow scorpions, and the scorpions have different varieties of scorpions and white scorpions. So, which is better for Huang Zizi and Huazizi? What is the difference between Huang Zizi and Huazizi? Let's introduce the Xiaodong Seafood's Xiaobian to everyone!
Dandong scorpion meat contains protein, multivitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other nutrients required by the human body; it also contains trace amounts of cobalt, which has a good effect on maintaining human hematopoietic function and restoring liver energy, and has a high nutritional value. Due to the abundant nutrients in the sea near Dandong Donggang, the yellow scorpion, which is abundant here, is fatter than the other ones, and tastes more delicious and nutritious.
The name of Dandong Huangzizi is Qingliuyu, which is produced in the shallow sea of ​​the Yellow Sea. The shell is yellow, its meat is also yellow, axe shell, dark yellow markings.
Due to the abundant nutrients in the sea near Dandong Donggang, China, the abundance of the yellow scorpion is more fatter than the other ones, and the taste is more delicious and nutritious. The scorpion is dried and the scorpion is dried. The meat is very delicious, and the nutrient characteristics of the scorpion are high protein, high trace elements, high iron, high calcium and less fat.
The flower bud is a common shellfish in the market. It is widely distributed in the north and south sea areas of China. It grows rapidly, has a short breeding cycle, and has strong adaptability (wide temperature, wide salt, wide distribution), and long life from water. It is a kind of It is an excellent shellfish suitable for artificial high-density breeding and is one of the four cultured shellfish in China.