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introduction concept culture honor
One. Enterprise spirit / business philosophy
1. Quality: Quality and safety.
2. Integrity: Building the foundation with integrity.
3. Service: Concentrate on service.
4. Innovation: Drive development with innovation.
5. Harmony: Sublimate the soul with harmony.
two. core values of the company
In the process of pursuing its own development and growth, the company always puts the interests of its customers first, conscientiously fulfills the social responsibility of food enterprises, and pays attention to the realization of personal values of employees while pursuing the benefits of enterprises.
three. Business management philosophy
People-oriented, collaborative innovation.
Based on the principle of mutual respect among customers, employees and enterprises, and with the requirements of quality, integrity and service, we will achieve the synergy between the company itself and its partners and social needs.
four. Corporate work style
1. Strict: rigorous, strict, and strict.
2. Fine: careful, careful, and detailed.
3. Real: Actual, practical, and effective.
Fives. Corporate Elements: Leading the new trend of food companies
Standing at the height of meeting the standards of export foods, it has become the leader of food enterprises in the region, and it is eclectic and innovative.