Finished product - gift box
Finished goods - gift boxes
High-end, atmospheric

The seafood spree has been on the holidays, and the gift has always been a Chinese tradition. With the growing concern about healthy foods, seafood spree has risen rapidly across the country. Seafood is very nutritious

Deep processing of seafood
Seafood processing
Convenient and convenient

Deep processing refers to the further improvement of semi-finished products. That is to say, the goods that have been formed are re-manufactured on the original basis to make them more valuable.

Fishing technology
Fishing technology
Technology, efficient, fresh

Fishing methods can be generally divided into three main links: fish exploration, fish collection and fishing. Fish are found by naked eyes, using vertical fish finder, fishing sonar, remote sensing equipment, etc. Fish collection is a habit of using fish, using sound, light, electricity or air curtains to trap or drive away fish. For example, in the water, the sound collecting device is to pre-record the sounds of the fish's joy and disgust on thetape and play it out.